This page is for the wannabes. 

Daily Glamorous

As in wannabe-like-me, of course. Everyday, I get countless emails asking how to be exactly like me, Massie Block. Instead of sorting through all the wikihows and fake articles written by EWs, try this page written by the girl herself. 

But before we begin here’s a fair disclaimer: while my life may seem exciting and desirable, it isn’t perfect. We all make mistakes and I’m only human. Therefore, instead of asking how to become like me, try asking yourself how to become the alpha you wish to be.


HAIR: Wash your hair every other day to keep it clean and use conditioner on the ends to get a shiny result. Experiment in unique ways to wear it, like braided buns, half-up loose knots, and feathers or pearl-twined side-braids. 

COMPLEXION: Most queen bees are depicted as having smooth, clear skin. Whether this is the result of luck, expensive acne treatments, or heavy coats of makeup, no one knows, but know this: everyone has break-outs during their teen years and you can’t completely stop it. You should wash your face well twice a day (morning/night) and avoid putting greasy fingers on your face or resting your chin in your hand.

Part of being an ah-mazing alpha is taking care of your body. This includes having good hygiene and making sure you’re treating your body right.

Kitty ^__^

DIET: Try to make sure your plate is colorful, as in having all your proteins, meats, dairies on there. Remember that organic foods are always better. Be careful of your sugar and fat intake, just because things are “reduced fat” or “no added sugar” doesn’t mean they’re good for your body- sodas for example- are practically sugar water. 

WORKING OUT: Working out requires motivation, doing something you enjoy will help pass the time and distract you from knowing that you’re actually working out. Try doing an interest of yours. Whether it’s cheer-leading, soccer, or tennis, it’s always more fun when you enjoy it. Another tip for motivation is try doing it with friends, which is much more fun. ou don’t need a $60 dollar gym membership to get healthy.


Common misconceptions about a queen bee’s wardrobe are that it must be huge, housed in a walk-in closet the size of a bedroom, and must contain designer brands predominantly. These aren’t true, though. Never buy something you can’t wear 100% confidently, though. Confidence is the key to many doors and many locks, and will improve your appearance better than any foundation or 6′ heels.

Trends are constantly changing and styles vary from person to person, so just remember to have a distinct individual style.

Daily Glamorous


As you know, Massie Block is known for being the queen bee and social butterfly at her school. Below are some tips to gaining more friends.

-Join a club or activity you’re interested in.

-Only hang out with people who are positive influences and make you feel comfortable.

-Volunteer. You’d be surprised how many good people and potential friends you’d find.

-When wanting to talk to someone start off with a compliment. Who’d not want to be friends with someone who just complimented them?

-Stay loyal, especially to the friends who are loyal to you.

-Don’t worry too much about boys, they’re boys and there are billions of more of them if one doesn’t like you back.

-Don’t be afraid to be flirty and fun.

-Sisters before misters! Don’t let a boy get in the way of a friendship.

-You’re 10x more beautiful than you think you are. People perceive you differently than you perceive yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if there is 7 billion people on this planet I guarantee you at least one of them will think you’re drop dead gorgeous, despite what you think of yourself.

-Smile. Be approaching.

-Keep your head high, chest lifted, and strut down the hallways. The confidence will show and it’s been proven that confidence is attractive. Remember this quote? “They’re only special because they think they are, so other people do.” Keep that in mind.

Untitled | via Tumblr


I’ve never believed in picking friends, I honestly think fate decides that. The critical point under this segment is to choose friends that you honestly connect with. You can’t pick the most popular, “Alicia-, Kristen-, Dylan-, and Claire-like” people who you find, and deign them to be your friends. We all remember how that worked out for Alicia, right?

Above all, stay true to yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. There’s nothing more EW than a poser. You’ll enjoy life a lot more if you surround yourself with people you enjoy being with. ♥

Requests: I do take requests in the comments. If you have something you would like me to add to this page, simply request it and I’ll see if I can. (:


166 thoughts on “Wannabe

  1. What if ur school starts at 8:30 and u have a uniform but dont kno how to dress it up to makeit a 10 and get showers the night before.. Any advice
    XOXO Glamour:)

  2. Got advice? I get showers the night before take the bus, (can’t change tht) wear a uniform (catholic school private!) don’t have time to stop and get coffee and yea don’t do yoga
    XOXO Moi’

    • Alter the timing for your type of schedule. You don’t necessarily have to have a housekeeper. You could just have your house so clean and pretend you have a housekeeper. Also, try to find makeup for sensitive skin.

  3. hey massie!
    i find your blog ah-mazing! just wondering, when is there going to be an update for the wannabe page? so far im loving it and its my favorite. your work is fabulous so keep doing what your doing ! 🙂

  4. emg!! your blog is soo good! i have a question, should i wear heels on new years eve? im wearing a short peplum dress, and there is going to be a lot of dancing so im not sure.. thanks for your help! 😉

  5. How much eyeliner should I put on for school??
    Also I’m in a Clinque that doesn’t wear alot of makeup , I’m the only one who wears eyeliner mascara and concealer,What should i do??

  6. i love your account i have my own but is is just starting! hon! i will tottaly tell people about your page! thx hon for all the good tips! XD

  7. You should write under the blush esction that pinching your cheeks lightly gives your face some color 😉
    Love, Erika

  8. Toattly heart ur blog. Wish you had more on how to talk to people. I want a fresh start because im going to be moving in Apryl. Want to know how to blow their socks off!! Xoxoxo,

  9. Sorry Massie but I don’t think this Wannabe page is enough. SO many people want to so much more. I think you need to create an Alpha Training Program AKA the ATP.

      • Okay. The ATP (could be made into a story) would consist of everything you know. Makeup tips, style tips, boy advice, the walk, the talk, the boys again all put into one program.
        1. Girls would send emails (or posts) asking every question imaginable about being an alpha.
        2. You come in by doing research (looking at YouTube gurus, Wannabe page, Advice Page, etc.) and think of the first topic.
        3. After your story post (or if you want it as a story) you could have it as a segment answering questions about a specific topic.
        4. For example:
        Okay guys. We’re going into the makeup category today. @blahblahblah asked, “How do you apply lipstick?”
        Well, you would first add a good lip balm….
        See? If this seems like a ton of work to you, you don’t have to do it. It was just a suggestion. Ciao!

  10. heeey! this is my totes fav part of your blog– maybe you could add about how to cope/what you do at school.? idk- just a thought:).!

  11. Mass! I ❤ your blog. You r my afishial rollmodle! All your advice will make a huge difference. I hope we stay in touch❤!!!

  12. Hi Mass! Let me start my saying i heart your blawg. I simply ah-dore it. I heart that you put your weekly schedule, & i hope you dont think im a EW, but i use it 🙂 i was wondering if you could add more to your fashion page? Im def a huge fashionista and i woud luh-ve to get some of your ah-mazing style. Also, could you post your weekend schedule??

  13. Heyy! Me and my best friend Madeline want to start a pretty committee-alike. Ah-viously it can’t be called the P.C. But anyways, how could we start and rule the school like you do? Thanks!! And also, do you have a blog oovoo so people could text you on there? Love ur blog!!
    -Sophia ❤

    She already said that like a bajillion times and its written up there!!!!
    Sorry, but I’m getting annoyed and I bet she is too!!!


  15. Thanks so much Massie.
    I ❤ your blog
    How can u start a wordpress blog if you want it to be fore free
    Thanks in advance

    Hugs & Kisses xoxoxo

    • Sometimes my spam box eats them, try to submit your comment again, usually it works perfectly the second time. Also keep in mind I delete comments with person info. (like your cell # or address) or if your rude to my other viewers. If that wasn’t the case, then try again, please! (:


    • Yeah, definitely don’t want to wear too much. It depends on your eyes, play around with it and the general rule for eyeliner is that less is more. The purpose of eyeliner is to enhance your eyes. Good luck. 🙂


  16. hey mass! im going into 8th grade on August 14th…. so its coming quick.! i was wondering how to be JUST like you in EVERYWAY, personality, comebacks, everything. my school has uniforms..ew right? our polos have to be red, navy, or white. i mostly have white and they are fitted. our bottoms can be skinny khaki pants or navy also shorts.. khaki navy. i got light khaki . my shoes i got, are mint vans, Hightop Royal Blue converse, white low converse, and low flat sperrys. i need help on what to wear… im waering my hair curled like yours for sure.. HELP!! My uniform policy isnt strict so i have tons of options.

  17. dear massie ❤

    you say that a alpha is born not made. i am poor. in ways. were doing better but i dont get everything i want like the rich popular girls do. i have descent clothing and im really gonna b a alpha in 2014 when im 13 and have a cat and my parents r probably a lot wealthy. so the 7th grade is where i test myself. put together a crew. and just c what im getting myself into. i really like it and i wish i was already 13 now. idk if im fit 2 b alpha now…i will b but not now..i have 8 months to go. should i just enjoy life and stop worrying about who im hanging out with?? ( i kinda sometimes hang out with regular people but i want to b popular! ) PLLLEASEEEE ANSWER!

    P.S. ( im a lot like kristen i even play soccer but i want 2 b in charge sooo..lol )

    ~ i luv u sooooooooo much ❤ , Zozo marie

    • Hey Girlie,
      Yeah, I would definitely make the most of that year and put yourself out there. Try and make friends with EVERYONE. It’s a simple trick to get popular and figure out who you want your closet friends to be.


  18. thank you so much for responding ❤ and what camera do you use to make ur youtube vids ? or did u not do that like massie did in the book? love ya
    ~ Zozomarie ❤

  19. Massie–
    Well, first off… I LOVE your blog! It is my favorite Massie Block blog. Great job.
    This is my favorite section by far, it is great!
    I understand that you are so busy, High School’s a pain… but when you get the chance, maybe you could do some tutorials on how you apply your makeup. Also fashion tips<3

    • It’s like when you insult your friends because you’re so close? Like if I said “I hate you!” to one of my best friends they wouldn’t take it seriously but more of a joke. haha


  20. Ok, so I’m kind of pulling a Kristen here, but you use WAY to many apostrophes. They’re only supposed to be used for possessive (Her’s, Mom’s, etc) or contractions (It’s, that’s we’re, etc.) So things that are plural only need an s, and a necessary conjugation. So if something ends in -ey, you just add an s, ie valleys, but if it just ends in a -y, you drop the y and change it to -ie and add an s, ie dairies. Sorry, just being a grammar nazi, cuz I know that Massie is SO much better than grammar mistakes.

  21. hey gurll i just wanted to let u know dat I LUV UR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just wanted 2 know if u culd post da 2014 fashion


  22. well i would love to meet the Massie Block. I’m going into 7th grade and well I dont think I’ll fit in or stand out. Thats why I would love to meet Massie Block!

  23. Love it!!!!!! Can u put something about back to school!!!!!😜 like outfits for the first day of school tips on how to have a great year…etc thanx!!!! Xoxo

  24. Can u do a back to school post with cute fall outfits, nice supplies…etc
    Thnxxxx!!!! Love ur account btw!!!! Xoxo

  25. I think you need to update this page, because in the weekday schedule portion it mentions going to OCD, and, as we all know, you transferred to Westchester Prep (as did the rest of the PC).

  26. Hey Massie,
    I loooooove your blah-g, but you might consider changing the times for your morning schedule, because according to your schedule, it takes you 30 minutes to write in your diary and update the state of the Union, but it only takes you 2 minutes to get up (at 6 A.M.), let Bean outside, and change into workout clothes
    Massie and Bean

  27. So all you EW’s(eternal wannabes) out there think you can be me.Well I have some news 4 ya.It’s not gonna happen.No one can master the Massie look.Why are you people all up in my grill about this anyway??!!You just wannabe like me because you aren’t popular so face facts.YOU ARE NOT POPULAR like me.I bet 5% of you on this page are the only popular ones AND those other 95% are gonna look like posers SO……… have fun with that.;-)

  28. Can you publish a step-by-step makeup tutorial? Not a video or anything, just a post explaining how to perfect that natural glow that Massie has. Thank you!

  29. Hey Massie can you do a weekend routine I’d love to see that. Seeing all this is stunning love you so much. Can we chat what social media do you have, I’m still a bit new here and I’m not use to it and all that amazing stuff.

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