a day in the life of m. block

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6:00 am // Wake up to both Bean licking my face and my alarm, check notifications and head to the bathroom. There, I’ll wash my face, brush my teeth, brush my hair then pull my hair into a bun. After I will go downstairs to the kitchen and let Bean out, then turn on my Keurig to make coffee. After it’s done brewing I will sit down and scroll through social media and news sites with my father.

6:30 am // I’ll go back upstairs and start my makeup at my vanity, using foundation, concealer, setting powder,blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye brow pencil, eye shadow, mascara, and one of my lipsticks. Then, of course, finish off with perfume. Afterward, I’ll style my hair to whatever I want that day. Finally, I’ll get dressed in whatever Bean and myself picked out the night before.

7:15 am // After I’m completely ready for the day, I’ll grab my backpack, say goodbye to my parents and run out the door before Isaac leaves without me. We’ll pick up the rest of the Pretty Committee and on the way to school we’ll rate outfits and gossip.

8:00 am // When we arrive at school, we’ll stop grab breakfast at the school’s cafe, sit down at our signature table and continue talking or studying before first period starts at 8:45.

3:00 pm // School lets out and head off to the mall, spa, study group, cafe or whatever activity was planned with the girls.

4:30 pm // Arrive back home to start on homework with a spotify playlist in the background. I shut off my phone to limit distractions and usually change into something a little comfier while studying.

6:00 pm // Around this time, I’ll change into another set of clothes for Dinner and depending on the night, I’ll eat out with my friends or family or eat dinner at home with my parents or other socialites.

6:30 pm  // After I finish eating, I will take off my makeup and take a bath or shower. If I decide to take a bath I’ll chose a Lush bath bomb. If I decide to take a shower I will use my shampoo and conditioner as well as body wash. Afterwards, I might even put on a face mask.

7:15 pm // When I get out of the bath or shower I’ll change into my pajamas and usually spend time talking with my parents, playing with Bean or finish up studying. After, I’ll take Bean on her nightly walk around the estate.

8:00 pm // I’ll log into social media around this time and catch up on everything there.  I will normally turn on my Keurig again to make some hot chocolate or tea. I’ll pick out my outfit for the next day this time too.

9:30 pm // Around this time, I’ll turn on some Netflix or read as well as type up a quick state of the union and diary entry.

11:00 pm // Around this time I get goodnight texts, so I know it’s getting to be my bedtime. I definitely believe in getting a good night’s sleep and I’ll shut off my light. Zzzzz.


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