An End.

girl, fashion, and style imageAlthough it seems almost redundant to type this, I can’t help but feel guilty to abandon this blog without at least a conclusion to this important era of my life. The truth is, everything that I’m about to say has been said before. I don’t have enough room on one post to thank all who I’ve need to or share all my thoughts on this community. I could go on and on about how I spent my summers at age thirteen on here or how I stayed up with everyone counting down the new year (three different times for everyone’s time zone, of course) in ’12 or how I practically grew up on blog posts expressing my writing and myself.

The blunt and brutal truth is I’ve written all there is to Massie Block and I cannot take her character anywhere that I haven’t gone, nor do I have the time or interest anymore, unfortunately. This post has been the easiest thing that has come naturally to write for the past year now. Almost four years on WordPress and I’ve changed, transformed, and shifted sides as not only a blogger and a writer, but as a person.

WordPress is a very bizarre place, because everyone is around that age where you don’t care about anything at all but simultaneously obsess over every little thing far too much. Everyone wants to live out their ideal lives through chronicles of literature, snippets of fun things they wanted to do, people they wanted to meet, places they wanted to go and things they wanted to see. And I was no exception, in no way am I trying to make myself any different. And I’m not sure where this post is going but I’ve loved every minute of my time as an elite Clique blogger, I’ve loved lying in bed and typing up posts, and getting overexcited when too many people are sending AIM messages at one time, and I’ve loved busting gossip girls and writing special posts about holidays, and it’s hard for me to imagine me spending the past four years of my life wasting my time on anything else than writing stories and sharing them with so many people.

I’ve decided to keep a few of my favorite posts and pages up to look back on in the future and I’m never truly gone from this community entirely as I blog on my RL blog often (email me for a link if you’re interested) but I do owe it to you not to pretend that I’m still an active blogger.

I think really I’ve never gotten the courage to make this post is because I don’t want to let go of this past and these memories because they shaped me so much. However, there comes a time when change is inevitable, I think.

Hasn’t it been a wild ride, though? 

Cheers. And as always, for the last time, thanks for reading. xx -C.


6 thoughts on “Epilogue.

  1. Honestly crying right now; you’ve always been one of my very favorite bloggers and it breaks my heart to see you go! I understand though, girlie, and I wish you all the best, wherever your journey takes you next.
    xx, Olivia

  2. So, so sad to see you go! It’s what’s right for you, though. You were the first Massie blog I ever stumbled upon, and you inspired me to make my Weebly blog (yikes, looking at it now…) You will be missed. I will always remember finding memoirsofmassie one day years ago.


  3. It’s such a shame that you have decided to stop blogging! I would love for you to put out all of your old blogs if you still have them saved as a draft since I kind of want to read through them all, hahaha!
    What is the link to your RL blog, and do I have to request acsess???

  4. Hola Chica!

    Highly disappointed to hear this blaw-g is ending! It is Hawt x10!!!!!! Sadly, I only discovered it today, I never even knew there were sites like this! But I am OBSESSED with the Clique! These posts are ah-mazing, I wish you luck in the future!



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