In Quiet Rooms

Westchester Preparatory School Library

September 5th // 10:23 am


There were several things Massie Block could do in this situation.

First and foremost, she could somehow slip Skye into a car, knock her out and turn on the gas – carbon monoxide poisoning was a common thing. Or maybe there could be an accident with Skye’s no fat, skinny, GMO-free, organic, zero calorie, gluten free, vegan shake…

Shaking her silky, chestnut tresses and finger combing them away from her face, Massie decided that wouldn’t work out. She clutched the plush edge of her library chair, in far view from the librarian’s desk and the double door entry way. Westchester Prep’s large library provided a quiet place for her to plot revenge, and try desperately to get her life together.

The librarian broke her thoughts, yelling at a boy who strode in without signing in to which Massie rolled her eyes at, idiot. He stood there for a second surveying his surroundings, his button-up rolled to his elbows to obviously show off his toned arms. His hair was tousled and messy as if a girl had just run her hands through it – not that Massie would have been surprised if a girl had. His eyes glinted with blatant mischief and finally his caramel eyes met hers and a wolfish grin spread across his good-looking features.

“I’ve been looking for you,” Derrick Harrington said conversationally, pulling up a chair next to her. He had the gall to smirk at her at a time like this.

“Why?” Had Skye told Derrick about it? She swallowed thickly and Derrick leaned closer, his eyes trained on the brunette as if he had come to assassinate her – Beautiful Girl Murdered by Crazy Man on Campus, the headlines would read. Or was that too long? His Armani cologne was engulfing her, relaxing her before his inevitable kill.

“Nothing, I got bored.” She let out a deep breath when he took her Kate Spade planner from her hands and flipped through the gold edged pages, admiring the handwriting done in multicolored gel pens. “Why do you look like that? You’re acting like I came in to execute you.”

Massie cracked a smile and tried to take her agenda out of his hands, “No, you just caught me off guard.”

“Massie Block, off guard? I came at a good time then, didn’t I?” He winked at Massie and she felt shivers cascade down her spine.

Did he remember? Of course he didn’t…it was late in the night and the coat closet was easy to forget. Except she hadn’t forgotten. She hadn’t forgotten the way he had kissed her, pushed her up against the mint green walls between designer jackets and told her that he had feelings for her. She had reciprocated of course, it was late. Last summer seemed so far away yet so close.

It wasn’t Massie’s fault though, she was vulnerable and it was late and she needed a place to hide and it was late.

Derrick had come up to her, smelling like heaven and aftershave and the top two buttons of his shirt were undone  – he knew that drove her crazy. He’d whispered that she looked nice in her dress, smiled at her in that charming way and she’d gone weak at the knees, it was also late.

He’d called her beautiful and in moments where her lips were on his and her hands running through that soft mess of hair. It had made it all the more exciting because Danny was outside, looking for her. But there she was, hauled up in a 4 by 4 kissing Derrick Harrington and she had never felt so thrilled before. There was electricity – although Massie had long concluded that it must’ve been something in the punch.

It had also been very late.

“You’re crinkling the pages,” Massie snapped quickly.


He didn’t remember a thing. Screw him.

“Seriously, Derrick,” she chided, keeping those horrid memories at bay as she pursed her Mac coated lips. She reached for the agenda again.

“Seriously, Block,” he mocked, holding it just out of her reach to where the only way she’d get it out of her hand was if she crawled over him, as if. 

His arm bumped into an idle stack of books falling on the desk like an avalanche – a representation of the way her life was currently falling apart all because of Skye Hamilton.

“Nice job, Harrington,” she grumbled as she helped him stack it back up. As she handed him the last book she caught his eye and paused for a second. A splotch of red crept its way up Massie’s neck and she thought in that split-second of what it would be like to kiss Derrick Harrington again.

A silly thought.

“Massie!” The double doors of the library flew open and the color drained from Massie’s face, she sat up and smoothed her hair down, the headband on her head sparkling in the dimming sunlight. She tried her best to ignore the tingles where Derrick’s arm was still touching hers.

Alicia Rivera rolled her eyes at the librarian who hushed her and strode towards Massie. “Derrick,” Alicia raised her eyes as a greeting and shooting silent looks of You-Have-Some-Explaining-To-Do at Massie. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to talk to Massie.”

Massie crinkled her eyes in confusion. Alicia tugged her arm, “It’s urgent,” she hissed.

Author’s Notes

New makeover. (:

I was really excited for this post. I think it’s one of my favorites I’ve written. Sorry if I’m not going to be on AIM or WordPress as much, school is taking a toll.

 How was everyone’s first day of school (if they had it)??

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10 thoughts on “In Quiet Rooms

  1. Hi Massie,
    I absolutely loved this post!
    I’m really curious to see what happens with Massie and Derrick.
    Super excited for more posts and this new plotline you have!
    OX, MB

  2. I think this was definitely one of your better posts (but let’s be honest they’re all ah-mazing!) I just wish it was a little longer so we could hear what Alicia had to say! Oh well, we’ll see next post. And please do leave a link to Derrick and Massie’s original conversation. It seems soooo interesting and I think I can guess what happened lol :p.

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