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Southhampton Country Club

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9:43 am // July 25th

Most of the time when parents send their kids on a vacation, it isn’t in a place as luxurious as the Hamptons. But then again, these families aren’t just families – they’re practically dynasties. Barbecues, parties, and social events may dominate the life of the residents along the New York peninsula, but as filthy rich who stay there can tell you, it’s the scoop and gossip everyone is really interested about. Here, rumors spread as fast as the expensive cars everyone drove.

Massie Block could easily see him sneaking up on her from the corner of her eye despite being fully engaged in a group message text conversation with the Pretty Committee. If it wasn’t the shadow that was now covering her, it was the sound his black Burberry brogues made as they hit the tile of the Southhampton country club floors that gave him way completely. “Boo!” Derrick Harrington whispered in her ear resting both his arms on her slender shoulders, eagerly waiting a reaction. Massie, without flinching or even looking up from her phone, delicately placed her hand over his forearm and pinched him. Hard.

He retreated his hand back instantly with a yelp and muttered something not-so-nice as he pulled up a chair next to her. The scraping sound the chair made drew annoyed glances from an older couple sitting near them. “How’ve you been, Block?” he asked, still nursing his injured hand.

Massie didn’t bother answering, she was way too engrossed with the string of texts that were unfolding before her. The conversation had taken a turn to her favorite subject: her. More specifically, her plans last week with Sabrina Woolf. Almost as soon as she sent her last message, her purple Swarovski-encrusted iPhone vibrated with a new message from Dylan.

DMarvs: Wait, you did what???
LeeshRiv: That’s so insane, mass!! wish i was there 😦
ClaireBear: agreed!

Of course they did. Massie couldn’t help but smiled with the adoration.

“Are you going to eat that?” Derrick ripped her from her thoughts, pointing to her uneaten plate of belgian waffles, topped with ripe red, cut strawberries and fluffy (low-fat, of course) whipped cream. She had ordered it in haste thinking she’d look less lonely if she had breakfast with her. The Southhampton Club Diner was hardly packed in the morning, usually two or three people coming to get refreshments after Tennis. This is one of the reasons Massie liked coming here. The second being the way the morning sun looked through the glass walls of the diner.

Massie set down her phone and slid the plate from her to him. “So, did you come here just to eat my food or…” she picked at her cuticles (and made a mental note to make a manicure appointment).

“Well, that was one of the reasons,” he said taking a piece off the waffle and smiled at her. Massie rolled her eyes and clicked her phone back on, bored with the exchange. Derrick and her have had the most uncanny relationship since they dated in 7th grade. They weren’t exactly friends, but they knew each other as well as friends would. No one, not even them, really understood it. “The other was I wanted to confirm a few rumors.”

Massie looked up, eyes twinkling, now intrigued. “Continue.”

“The grapevine has it you and that new girl have been starting some trouble.”

“What kind of ‘trouble‘?”

“No specifics,” he shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

 Her french tipped nails dug into her phone case with the lack of answer. “Who’d you hear this from?”

“I told you, I heard it around.”

“God, you’re infuriating,” she rolled her eyes.

“I’ve been called worse,” he laughed. He stood up (taking Massie’s breakfast with him) and pushed his chair in. Before leaving, his demeanor turned serious for a second, a rarity for him. “I’ll try to see who started it- I already put a stop to who was spreading it but Block, you should stay away from that girl. You know what would happen if these allegations are true.”

Massie wrinkled her nose, “Whatever, mom.” As she watched him leave, she briefly wondered if sticking with Bri would backfire on her. Little did she know, of course it would. Big time.

Claire / Adaline

Thanks for all the sweet comments on the last post! xx


9 thoughts on “New Americana

  1. Massie and Derrington are my favorites! I love Derrick’s playfulness. If he’s defending Massie to rumors, it sounds like he’s still got something for her. I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Massie,
    Derrick sure does know how to poke at a person’s nerves, doesn’t he? Hopefully he figures out where the rumour started. If what he’s saying is true about Sabrina, maybe it would be better if the PC were there with you to keep you grounded.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!
    xoxo, Leesh

  3. Hey Mass,
    I know I have been M.I.A, with my site and everything, although I am back on it.
    Please be sure to check it out, it is still under construction, but I am hoping you’ll follow me. Ah-mazing post btw. Can’t wait for what the future holds darling.
    Hearts and Kisses,
    Alicia Rivera

  4. Hey mass! I know I’m probably a bit of an LBR to you, but I love your blog and I’m a new half Belgian- half British writer.. I’d love it if you could check mine out – maybe give me a few tips? xx
    Laurèn Dalgaard

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