♡Happy Three Years

♡ hello, everyone!

Today marks the day I get that little notification that I’ve owned this blog for a whole three years. Previously LovelyMassieBlock, MemoirsOfMassie has been one of my biggest accomplishments and I wanted to do something different for the occasion. It’s so incredible to me that this blog gained 125,000+ views, 1,000+ followers, around 3,000 comments and about 112 posts (although most are marked as drafts). And all I have to thank is you.



My name is Claire, I’m 15 years old and I run this site along with a few others here and there. One of my other current ones you can find here. And no, I am not a writer, but I pretend to be one on here. In 2012, probably around January, I discovered a community dedicated to one of my favorite books of the time. A few months later, I was challenged to create my own blogs. Although my experiences have been filled with highs and lows, I’m constantly hooked on blogging and can never stray too far away from it without getting the urge to update.

Blogging as Massie Block in this community has been incredibly exciting, yet honestly brutal. WordPress is a very weird place, because everyone is around that age where you don’t care about anything at all but simultaneously obsess over every little thing far too much. Everyone wants to live out their ideal lives through chronicles of literature, snippets of fun things they wanted to do, people they wanted to meet, places they wanted to go and things they wanted to see. Starting off was a little rough, I’ll admit it. You can’t put 20-something (?) middle/high school girls on one site and not expect there to be drama. There were a lot of times I wanted to quit, but I am so, so glad I stuck with it.

Perhaps the greatest highlight would be the countless emails from girls all over the world asking for advice and I felt truly good that I was doing something to help them. It was a way to express myself, logging onto WordPress to type a post. That through the confidence of MB they were gaining some of their own. I literally grew up on this website and it’s so astonishing how different I am than when I started. It was the little things as well, like typing posts after finishing my homework and my laptop freezing because too many IMs were sending at once.

At its prime, MemoirsOfMassie won Best Massie on WP for the WordPress Awards and would gather over 40 comments per post and 500 views a day. Since then, the community has dwindled and the stats have slowly faded down, but my love for writing has stayed the same. I’ve come up with many ideas, and I’ve had many embarrassments. I’ve met many absolutely amazing people and while some I kept in contact (s/o to those people who I still text daily), others have sadly left this site. And in the end, I don’t do this for the comments, or the views, I do this for myself. And, it just so happens that along the way I make friends. I thank the viewers that genuinely support this site and send their appreciation so much. 


Some things I’ve picked up that I want to pass down to newer bloggers.

1. Never delete any posts/blogs/headers, etc. Trust me, one day you will have a laugh as you go through them all. One of my biggest regrets on here is deleting my very first blog here because all my posts on there are gone forever.

2. Don’t start unnecessary drama. Fights over face claims, copyrights and other things that seem like the end of the world are really not. We all came here with one goal which is to become better writers and whether or not someone else is using Kristine Ullebo on her header will not change how good of a writer you are. I understand the importance of originality, but sometimes you gotta take a breather and remember this is a blogging site. This also goes for gossip blogs- shame on you if you ever participate in one of those.

3. Make friends and collaborate.

4. Keep writing, keep blogging. I came here as an aspiring writer, and I am still an aspiring writer. I came here as a learning writer and guess what? I’m still learning. We all start off as a newbie and I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have as many stats and views and comments as you want, it takes awhile for those to add up. Keep posting and you’ll get there, I promise.


A little slideshow of how this blog evolved through headers, screen shots and such. (:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Favorite Clique couple: Massington fan all the way. Massie/Derrington will forever be #1 and endgame.

Favorite Clique book: The fourth one, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, I think. My favorite books of the series are the ones when the girls are all together and not fighting, haha.

Favorite WP blogs: There is nooo way I can list them all, but I guess I’ll try. Some of the listed are new, others have stopped blogging long ago.

MBL (Kelsey is the sweetest and really calmed down any and all drama on here, one of the best writers as well), XOMB (has moved on from her M blog, but it will forever be one of my favorites), OM (we both started our blogs around the same time and I’ve always admired hers and how she wrote Massie, it wasn’t till recently when we started collaborating I also got to see her ultra sweet personality), OMB (captures Massie extraordinarily well), XODM (I still remember her as GDM and she has been bringing fresh and original ideas to the community since the beginning), OAB (one of my bestest friends and one of the greatest writers, like ever), CCL (really, really has a knack for writing and her personality is off the charts), LON (WP legacy), GMB (another WP legacy, also one of the nicest people ever), MSJ (creative and innovative), IMK4E (one of the greatest writers ever, can’t wait to see her name on a bestselling novel), MBB (never was close with her personally, but believe me I stalked the heck out of all her blogs), AOP (bestest friends), CFC (heart of gold), OXMB (haven’t gotten the chance to become too close to her but she seems very sweet, writes very well and I have a feeling she’ll be racking up 100k in no time), XOKCG (you’ve improved so much over the time you’ve been blogging it’s quite incredible, just like your blogs), XOXOAHY (gotta pay tribute to a legend), and many, many more…

I tried very hard to get as many people as I could but I could only fit so many. Believe me, I can still think of so many people to add to this list but it’s growing so long.

Thank you to the nonblogger loyal commenters, as well. Although this number of you all have also gone down it’s so amazing to see that some of you have been reading my blog for multiple years.

Thank you to all my previous Pretty Committee members as well, y’all put up with me so well and I always had the most fun in our group IMs.

Thanks to anyone who’s ever been in our community. We’ve had so many blogs here and although it’ll be sad when the community eventually empties completely and no new post will show up in our readers, I’m proud that we’ve each had such an impact. 


PS: I updated my blog look! I republished a few old pages including SOTU and PP.

As usual, thanks for reading y’all. x


15 thoughts on “♡Happy Three Years

  1. congratulations on three years! that’s quite a milestone!
    your introduction part was so heart-warming! i felt like i was reading my own wordpress journey
    omg yes to never deleting blog posts! i have blog posts on my personal blog from when we first started in 2010 and it’s so bittersweet and embarrassing and hilarious and interesting seeing how we (me and all the other authors on there) have changed!
    aww I loved going through the slideshow! confession: i’ve been stalking, err, reading your blog for much longer than you think. it took me about a year to join the clique wp community and say hi haha
    again, congratulations on all your achievements! and thank you for starting this blog, bc your writing has not only inspired me but was my getaway for a while when life got a little too tough x

  2. Happy three years to you! Any milestone is exciting, and it’s so fun to go back and see how much you’ve grown. I really appreciate the shout out to my old M blog! I have always thought that yours was one of the best out there.
    You have such a talent for writing! Being on WordPress for so many years has definitely made me a much better writer, like you say it has done for you, and it has really ignited a love of writing in me.
    I’m excited for what the future holds for you and your blog!

    • Thank you so much! Your blog truly is one of my faves of all time I’m really glad you left such a strong mark on this community and I’m excited to support you on future blogging. Thanks, again! xx

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this post so much! It was so beautiful and touching and inspirational. In all honesty you were my favorite Massie blog and still are. You are also one of the main reasons why I started my blog and although I don’t really post as much anymore I do still talk to the girls in the WP community and read their posts, and it’s so great to be apart of that. This chapter in my life has been amazing and you are a huge part of that. I’m so happy for you and so proud. Congrats girlie! 🙂


  4. Happy WP Bday ! Loved the post so much. Your introduction was so extremely heartfelt and even when you’re just celebrating an anniversary everything was so well written and perfectly to the point. I know I have only been on WordPress for a year, but every post you have written since I got on and all your blogs changes have been perfect. It’s so sweet to heard your experiences and scrolling through the slideshow was so so fun. All I can say is congratulations on a three year anniversary.

  5. MOM/Claire/Massie,
    Wow! Three years! I still remember stalking your blog before I’d even made a WP account. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come through that slideshow. You’ve always been one of my favorite bloggers/people in this community and I absolutely know you’re going to do incredible things someday. Congratulations!
    – Claire.

  6. Congrats on three years!
    Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post, the feelings are definitely mutual. : – )
    Also, I did respond to your AIM chat ahah, I guess it just didn’t show up like what happened before? Don’t want you to think I went M.I.A. on you hahah.
    The slideshow was so cute too, congrats again!!


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