Breakfast With The Blocks

Westchester Country Club // 11:06 AM // May 30th

 Massie Block had a theory: the sun always shone a little brighter on Westchester. The first seed of this ideal had been planted in when she was when her father, William, had sauntered into the sunny breakfast room of the Block Estate and declared that God smiled on upstate New York. She had never known if this was true but after being gone from it for so long she could definitely confirm that in Westchester the grass was greener, the days were longer, and the people were better-looking. She could only assume that Westchester’s perfection stemmed from pure luck, but the fact that she had been born in the most perfect place in the world – well, that was fate. 

And today was particularly gorgeous, cartoon bird singing and all. However, all though the weather was perfect she had a feeling today was going to be a not so perfect day. 

Breakfast With The Blocks
Good morning gossipers! I’m sure your excited to get your first glimpse at M this morning at brunch at the country club and if you weren’t invited it’s a good thing you have me to fill you in. 😉 The tables are all set, now we’re just waiting for the guests. Here’s what’s on the menu: M probably going to try to waltz in and hope that A, D, K, and C take her back instantly. I know for a fact A is showing up with an appetite…for destruction. After all, who would blame her after the embarrassment M caused her. Revenge is a dish I heard that is best served cold, and I am starving to see what unfolds this grand afternoon….
Yours Truly, -Gossip Girl


As Massie entered the room, the usual buzz quieted into an extremely uncomfortable silence with a few whispers. She couldn’t help but cringe at the almost tangible awkwardness in the room. She usually loved all eyes on her, but this was certainly not pleasant. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her usual table with the Pretty Committee. Her chair at the head of the table still empty. Each of the girls shared an expression of something she couldn’t quite read. She quickly debated whether to walk over there, the idea of being rejected seemed embarrassing enough to almost convince her to sit at the far end with her mother. Eventually, she reached the decision to try to sit with them.

“Hi Leesh, Dyl, Kris, Claire…” she nodded at each of them, smiling while pulling up a seat to sit down.

“Hi, Massie! Wow, it’s been awhile,” Claire exclaimed, her cornflower blue eyes bright as ever. “We’ve all missed you…” she stammered, trying to avoid tension at the table. “Right, guys?” she jabbed Alicia in the side.

Alicia stared blankly, yet still managed to look radiant in her skintight Hérve Léger and five-inch heels, the kind of outfit that if anyone else tried to wear to a Sunday brunch they would look absolutely ridiculous except her. Dylan who sat beside her, balanced a napkin full of sushi in her left hand and an alligator-skin clutch in her right; was also actively avoiding Massie’s amber eyes, chosing the ground to stare at instead. Kristen tapped a ballet flat shoe on the ground anxiously, perfectly plucked eyebrows raised, waiting for someone to break the silence.

“I’ve missed you all as well,” Massie began “And…I brought gifts,” she winked, hiding her perfect teeth behind a mischievous smile. At this, the girls perked up, and even Alicia flipped her glossy brown hair over to the side to get a look at Massie. “They’re at the estate, but if you want to come over after and pick them up…? I know I have to fill you all in a ton. We have some catch up work to do,” 

Massie hoped her smile was convincingly hiding the knot that twisted her stomach in anxiety. The girls turned their eyes towards Alicia, following what her decision would be. Massie realized in her absence, Alicia had obviously taken her role. The thought made her nose crinkle with disdain.

“Nice bribe, but I won’t bite. Now can you please leave our table?” Alicia finally announced, her brown eyes harsh. Massie felt the wind being knocked out of her.

“Excuse me? You’re forgetting this is my table as well?” 

“Correction: It was.” 

Massie scoffed. “Leesh, don’t be like this, we’re best friends.” Around her, she felt hungry stares devouring the drama more than the breakfast in front of them. 

“Then you left for a 15 months. What kind of ‘friend’ does that, huh, Mass?” Kristen said suddenly, hurt filling her face.

“I had my reasons, not that I owe any of you an explanation!” Massie hissed. “If you were really my friends, you’d understand.”

“Then I guess we’re not really your friends.” Dylan said calmly, still looking down at her plate.

Massie close her mouth tightly; partly an effort to keep her from screaming at them, partly to keep her from crying. 

“Fine then. Like I need any of you anyway.” she muttered, pushing back her chair with a loud screech. She blinked fast to keep her tears hidden as the quickly exited the dining room. 

“Massie, wait!” Claire hurried after her, but Massie was nowhere to be found.


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12 thoughts on “Breakfast With The Blocks

  1. Massie,
    This was such a good post. Alicia’s snippy attitude was brave, and shows that she has finally matured in the sense of taking over an alpha’s position. I’m eager to see what Massie’s reaction to all of this was once she was by herself! I’m sure Gossip Girl ate all of this up, too.


  2. Massie,
    Great post! Sorry to see the PC is upset about you leaving them, but it will all work out!
    – M.B.

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